MARON GROUP is a management company and owner of the companies mentioned below

Companies under the Maron Group is SundSnack, WATERREX, WODOR Denmark and WODOR Pura. All the mentioned companies have a common denominator, which is health and well-being in the workplace and at home.

The companies’ products, whether it is household appliances or food, are characterised by their high quality, environmentally friendly goals and functions as well as timeless and modern designs.

SUNDSNACK Firmafrugt

SundSnack is a fruit and snack company that delivers fruit to danish businesses throughout the country – and thus helps supply fruit to the healthy workplace. SundSnack’s focus has been to increase the awareness on public health and help to enable and ensure optimal working conditions in Danish workplaces. This has been one of the main reasons for SundSnacks’ success.

The concept of subscribing on a fruit basket/fruit box was introduced to Danish companies back in 2000 – and from here, the demand on fruit boxes and fruit baskets in the workplace have increased.

Since then, new products have hit the shelves such as SNACKBOX and WATER COOLERS. The aim is to make it simple and easy for companies to get health on the agenda, so that it becomes a natural part of the daily workflow.


Waterrex sells, tents, supervises, and installs modern quality drinking water coolers and other related products for the B2B / BTB market.

Waterrex strives to uncover the real needs of the individual user and company and seeks to care for and nurture the common work environment.

For the individual company there can be a large saving both financially and environmentally when chousing a drinking water dispenser for the company rather than e.g., bottled water. Furthermore, Waterrex wants to help organisations ensure a high working environment for its employees, by making water mores accessible in the workplace.


WODOR Denmark sells and installs timeless and modern drinking water units and taps for individual households aa well as companies. Health and well-being are at the top of the list of goals, and those goals are met by making accessible water easy, simple, and environmentally friendly as possible in any home or business.

WODOR deals with faucets/taps and water tanks such as Cooker, Cooler, Cooler+ and Combi – which can meet any water need. WODOR has a wide range of 3in1, 4in1 and 5in1 water tank units that can supply boiling water, cooled water, and cold water with and without soda – all filtered.

WODOR can cover all your water needs.


WODOR Pura supply Danish homes and companies with modern and unique taps and offers a wide range of drinking water units.

WODOR Pura is focused on products that can increase the desire to drink more water, hereby providing health and well-being to individuals as well as companies. The products are always of the highest quality and the goal is to cover all kinds of water needs at home or in the workplace.


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