Maron Group is the management company and owner of a number of companies in Aarhus, Denmark.

All businesses in the Maron Group are business-to-business and one of the common denominators are the health and wellbeing at work. In addition, the different companies in the group are characterized by products of high quality and environmental sustainability.


SundSnack Company Fruit is offering health and well-being in Danish offices. Office subscriptions to fruit has been in constant growth since SundSnack introduced the concept to Danish businesses in 2001. The overall trend and focus towards healthy lifestyle has contributed to the success of SundSnack Company Fruit.


Wodor Group is manufacturing design water coolers for businesses all over the world. Through a dedicated network of dealers in Asia, Europe and America, Wodor Group helps our environment in changing from plastic-bottles towards tap water. The Danish design company Jacob Jensen Design has been the architects behind one of the coolers from Wodor Group, the ENKI water cooler.


SODAX is unique Brand of Water coolers. The flexibility makes it suitable in the office, at home, in the retail shop, showrooms- and fairs, in the warehouse and numerous other places. The SODAX is unique in the way it can supply you with fresh water – cold, carbo or hot – either connected to your normal water supply or just by using the internal reservoir without being connected. Available in several vibrant colors.


Waterrex is selling high quality water coolers and professional coffee brewers and grinders incl. related accessories. We ensure that all information are available to decisions makers with regards to individual needs incl. an economic saving perspective as well as an environmentally benefit view.

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